.. workshop to achieve safety and connection in the classroom,
.. and everyone feels heard and seen!

How can you see others as human, no matter what? How can we respect each others' opinion, judgements and beliefs? Even if, in our eyes, others have really extreme beliefs. 
If he/she beliefs in the American dream, likes the idea's of ISIL, or abominates them both and is interested in more new alternative societies. How can we learn to look beyond judgements (about ourselves and others) and learn to really listen to what's behind all the judgements. 

In this workshop you learn very practically to listen and talk in a way that is connecting instead of that it causes more tension and conflict in the group. 

Result Workshop:
  • More connection with each other
  • To understand each other better
  • A classroom in which everyone feels more safe 

Where:  At school 
Who:     Students, teachers, educators, parents, remedial teachers (8 - 30 deelnemers.)
Time:   1 day from 10.00h. - 16.00h. 

  • Learning to really listen to each other 
  • Translating judgements about others and each other into nonviolent communication
  • Learning 'honesty' en 'empathy'

We work with whatever comes. This way we work with what's really alive! The trainer ensures the safety in the group and makes sure that everyone can not only express him/herself, but also feels heard and understood.

Various theme's in the program are:
  • Getting to know the 4-step model
    (how 4 steps can contribute to understanding each other and connection)
  • Terrible dialogues
    (insight in how words can achieve just that what you don't need)
  • The power of empathy
    (insight in how empathy practically can be applied in communication)


I work based on Nonviolent communication, developed in the sixties by Marshall Rosenberg. This model has contributed to conflict resolution in more than 85 countries. werk op basis van het model van Geweldloze Communicatie, ontwikkeld in  de jaren ’60 door Marshall Rosenberg. 
 More information about Nonviolent Communication can be found at:  CNVC (Centre for Nonviolent Communication)

Investment:  €475,- for one day. If more than 6 groups are requested then I charge 25% discount.  
material)s (Excluding VAT and travel costs)

More information or questions:

E-mail: post@e4y.nl (Jort Bijleveld) | Tel: 026-3527462